About Connie

Connie Bunting was a co-founder of Center for the Heart and Soul, now Reiki Center of Indiana, and has been President since its inception in the year 2000. She was instrumental in developing the philosophies and programs which are sponsored by the Center. Developing clinical studies and Reiki treatment programs for hospice and addiction populations is a few of her accomplishments. She earned the Reiki master teacher designation in 2000, and has trained several students since that time.

Connie’s comments:

I have experienced many upsets in my life from serious health concerns, relationship issues, low self-esteem, feeling lost and stuck in old beliefs with no place to go. With hard work, facilitating changes in my thoughts and actions, digging deep to know and understand the real me (core), I have moved forward with my life and have never been happier. My experiences have opened the door to understanding my challenges, learning vital lessons to assist me to advance to a calm, balanced, healthier life. I am here to assist you in creating balance, peace, and hope in your life.

I completed a life coach certification program, created and taught by Lisa Dane McCullough who has 17 years of experience in teaching coaching and various classes for mind, body, and spirit. I have been in the business of helping others discover balance, clarity, and their connection to the inner knowledge we all have for over 14 years. I enjoy assisting others to transform their lives with a variety of methods. This may include personal coaching, teaching mind, body, and spirit methods such as meditation, the practice of Reiki, and other techniques using intuition. My supportive, positive attitude will provide you with hope for a new day.